Our Wonderful Supporting Venues


Actinic Festival would like to thank our incredible and genourous supporting venues.

Scotland's Centre for Photography

Stills is a centre for photography based in the heart of Edinburgh. We are open seven days a week and offer exhibitions and production facilities as well as a range of engagement opportunities for anyone to discover, enjoy and understand photography.

Stills was established in 1977. Since that time it has become a champion for the important and powerful role that the medium of photography plays in the world today.

Gallery exhibitions are free and open daily from 11am - 6pm.

Facilities are open 11am - 9pm, Mon-Thurs and 11am-6pm, Fri - Sun


23 Cockburn Street

EH1 1BP.

Summerhall is open to the public all year round and hosts events in all the City’s major festivals. But it’s far more than Edinburgh’s newest and biggest arts venue. Visitors will find theatre and gallery spaces, libraries and small museums, educational and research programmes, studios and workshops.

It’s a new kind of community: a cross cultural village where arts and sciences talk to each other, where high tech rubs shoulders with all the arts including film and television and a craft brewer has revived a three hundred year old tradition of brewing on the site. Our Bar/Café is suitably named The Royal Dick, a nod to our building’s famous veterinary history.

Most importantly Summerhall is a work in progress – as more space is developed more ideas emerge. Here the possibilities are endless, “everyone is an artist”.


Summerhall, 1 Summerhall
Edinburgh, EH9 1PL

Edinburgh Printmakers

Edinburgh Printmakers’ mission is to support artistic excellence in the medium of print through inspiration, education, innovation and facilitation. We work at the cutting edge of contemporary visual art, producing critically acclaimed and engaging artwork that is key to the cultural life of Scotland.

For over 45 years Edinburgh Printmakers has supported artists to expand the practice of fine art printmaking. At the heart of our business is the provision of a printmaking studio, a place where artists share knowledge, expertise and creativity, researching and developing excitingly fresh artwork in print. Our artist users produce wonderfully original, engaging visual arts experiences that travel to hundreds of venues throughout the UK and abroad every year benefiting the lives of thousands of gallery visitors


23 Union St, Edinburgh EH1 3LR

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) was founded in the 17th century as a physic garden. Now it extends over four Gardens boasting a rich living collection of plants, and is a world-renowned centre for plant science and education.


The John Hope Gateway offers visitors an unrivalled facility where they can discover the world of plants and the scientific work of RBGE through a unique set of interactive experiences and activities. The building also houses other top-class facilities including a Real Life Science Studio, permanent and temporary exhibitions, and interactive media.


Open daily (March to Sept) 10am – 6pm, (Feb & Oct) 


Inverleith Row, Arboretum Place,  Edinburgh EH3 5LR


The Traverse Theatre is Scotland's new writing theatre.

From its conception in 1963, it has embraced a spirit of innovation and risk-taking that launched the careers of many of Scotland's best-known writers.


The Traverse has an international reputation for its curated season during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August as well as Manipulate, Imaginate and now ACTINIC Festival. 


We host an amazing array of arts events, from dance, puppetry and animation to the largest performing arts festival for children and young people in the UK. 



Mon - Sat   11:00am - 12am

10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2ED