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We'll give you a few tastes of artists we have confirmed with a changing gallery. we don't want to give everything away so WATCH THIS SPACE as we'll be adding to it as well as making announcemtns on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We hope you're as EXCITED as WE ARE!

Takashi Arai

Takashi Arai  is one of the world's leading daguerreotype artists. His recent work is focused on nuclear issues in the wake of the Fukishima disaster of 2011, some of which are currently on view in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. 


Arai's work has appeared in numberous exhibitions at the Mori Art Museum and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. In 2014, he recieved the Source-Cord Prize. His works are held in the collections of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Metroplitan Museum of Photography and Musée Français de la Photography. 


Alternative Photography Scotland is proud to present a solo exhibition of Takashi Arai's work at Stills. This exhibition and related events are supported by the Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation.

Scarlett Platel 

Scarlett Platel   is an Edinburgh-based photographer. Using a variety of analogue elements from glass plates to cibachrome photograms, she assembles concepts and images as they emerge from the complex legacy of psychoanalytical and spiritual thought.

Victorian Britain
and the Tintype Photograph

An exhibition of Victorian tintypes

curated by Sheila Masson


English Speaking Union Scotland Gallery

23 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh, EH3 8HQ


Saturday 27th June - 19th July 2015

Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell, an instructor at Gray's School of Art, uses a variety of alternative darkroom techniques to produce evocative, textured photographs; her recent work explores the landscape of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

S. Gayle Stevens

S. Gayle Stevens has worked in antiquarian photographic processes for over fifteen years. Her chosen medium is wet plate collodion for its fluidity and individuality. She exhibits extensively across the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and China. 


For ACTINIC She will be sending us her "Disappearance"  wet plate tintype photograms of individual bees (displayed as one hundred, two by two inch plates and an equal number of live flowering plants). The photogram silhouettes are shadows of bees that once lived, and show the enormity of the issue, Colony Collapse Disorder. Ten percent of the sales are donated to local apiarists.

Evan Thomas
Clint Baclawski

Evan Thomas (Edinburgh) works with a variety of processes stemming from the photographic, he addresses the interactions between nature, motion and time, continuing to draw on the concept of a transient, restless natural world and our desire to understand and overcome it.

His new work distills the photographic medium to it’s simplest form, pushing the limits of what the process is inherently capable.



Clint Baclawski is one of out international artist, bringing his lumenous work from Boston, MA, USA. He will be showing newly envisaged forms of his Lighbulbs, works of vertically slivered transparent images on luorescent tubes and black perspex. Baclawski’s work is both ‘luminous’ and ‘irresistible’ with a ‘scope [that] feels both intimate and epic.’ - The Boston Globe

Rhiannon Adam

Rhiannon Adam is a London based instant Photographer shooting with expired Polaroid films and Impossible Project materials.


She's currently in the Pitcairn island  (the world's most isolated country!) working on a project and has a book on instant film techniques coming out in 2016!