ACTINIC festival                






June 26 - July 26 2015

Some background information on the history and begninnings of the ACTINIC Festival. 



We've been graciously donated gallery and teaching space. We'd like to say our thanks to those establishments who are taking us on and giving!

Heyyyyyyy artist! We may not have met yet. The art world is a vast and pocketed place. Perhaps you've got some amazing pieces you think are relevant- check this out, we've got room for you!

Our festival runs on the generosity of others, with given time, space, and of course funding and materials. These amazing companies and organisations have offered us their support and strength. We are so grateful!

Beyond the supporting venues we would like to show off some of our featured and invited exhibitions and artist, from Sheila Masson's British Tintypes to Clint Baclawski's Lightbulbs

It wouldn't really be a festival if we didn't have some interactive events! Want to learn something? Perhaps you're just in it for the celebration of joyous art? 


Check out our time table of events